Flat Fee Divorce Lawyer in Houston – Uncontested?

There is a difference between an uncontested divorce in Harris County, and a “do it yourself divorce.” Generally speaking, it is always a better idea to hire an experienced family law attorney to assist you with your divorce.

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Quick and Easy Divorce – Texas

There are many divorce attorneys in Houston who will charge you a flat fee for an uncontested divorce and that fee is usually substantially smaller than a contested and complex divorce proceeding.

Uncontested Divorce Texas

Even if you and your spouse are in total agreement on the divorce issues, you should always consult with a licensed Texas family law attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected during an uncontested divorce.

What Qualifies as a Flat Fee Divorce?

A flat fee divorce is a divorce where an attorney and a client agree that the client will have their case taken care of for a previously agreed upon fee (fixed amount) as opposed to an hourly fee.

Typically an attorney will take a retainer from a client, and the bill the client monthly as hourly fees accrue.

However, during a flat fee divorce (including some uncontested divorces in Houston and Harris County), the client and attorney agree up front on a fixed amount to pursue the case, and the exact services that the attorney will provide.

This generally includes everything except for litigation in the court room, i.e., a trial.

If the case involves lengthy discovery (pre-trial litigation) then most attorneys will not agree to a flat fee divorce.

Examples of Flat Fee Divorce Cases in Texas

  • Totally uncontested divorce cases where the couple completely agrees on exactly how the marriage will be dissolved.
  • Cases where the differences are so minor that opposing attorneys can resolve them (or a mediator).

If you are considering a divorce in Harris County, Fort Bend County, or the Houston, Texas area, then give us a call for a free consultation.

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Affordable Divorce Houston

In many divorce cases, both spouses want to cooperate. These tend to be the most affordable type of divorces in the Houston / Harris County area, mainly because they require less of the law firm’s time and resources to resolve. We find that a lot of young couples or newly weds find themselves in a very mutual agreement and want to “un-do” the marriage just a year or two into it. Many of the clients who inquire about uncontested divorces or flat fee divorces are in a similar situation. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.

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