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Texas Child Support Law

Houston, Harris County, TX Child Support FAQ

How much is child support in Houston, TX?

  • 20% of net resources for 1 child
  • 25% of net resources for 2 children
  • 30% of net resources for 3 children
  • 35% of net resources for 4 children
  • 40% of net resources of 5 children
  • Not less than 40% for 6 or more children

“Net resources” include: salary, commissions, overtime, tips, bonuses, dividend income, self-employment income, net rental income, severance pay, retirement benefits, pensions, trust income, annuities, capital gains, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, interest income, gifts, prizes, spousal maintenance, and alimony.

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Is there a “cap” on child support?

Net resources are generally capped at $8,550.00 per month.

How is child support paid?

The court usually orders it to be paid monthly or semi-monthly. It is generally automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Are the Texas Child Support Laws Fair?

Some years ago, one Texas attorney made a controversial video regarding the Texas Child Support system. We have included a news report of that video below.

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