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It’s always best to hire an experienced divorce attorney in Sugar Land, Texas. Call (832) 410-8935. Our law firm will fight for your legal rights during your divorce proceeding. There is too much at risk during a divorce case.

You could lose your net worth, your child visitation rights, and much more. We will skillfully guide you through the Fort Bend County, and Harris County Family Court system.

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Family Law Articles

Am I eligible for spousal support?

Divorce is one of the most emotional proceedings in Texas courts. What can make divorce an even more emotional happening is the possibility of supporting an ex-spouse, oftentimes in addition to the division of community property and the payment of child support. This can be overwhelming for the spouse that is ordered to pay spousal support or maintenance. However, this may be a just and right solution to the ex-spouse who is unable to earn enough income due to barriers created during the marriage. Spousal support, or what the Texas statute refers to as spousal maintenance, is a fortunate solution for ex-spouses. What is spousal support and who is eligible? Let’s discuss. –

Guardian Ad Litem vs. Attorney Ad Litem

Protecting the interests of a ward, or proposed ward is a Texas court’s primary interest. In order to protect those interests, the court may appoint individuals with distinct duties to represent a ward or proposed ward. Two of those individuals are called a guardian ad litem and an attorney ad litem. What are their roles and who do they differ? –

What does “Best Interest of the Child” mean?

Many times in legal proceedings that include children, the term “best interest of the child” arises. This term is most prominent in suits affecting the parent-child relationship. What is considered the best interest of the child and when is it important? –

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