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For many clients in League City, Texas, divorce can mean financial ruin, and your relationship with your children can be changed forever. We want to help you protect the things that are most important to you during your divorce. Call (832) 410-8935. You should never attempt to get divorced without an experienced family law attorney.

League City Family Lawyers

We are experienced in all manner of family law and divorce issues. We will passionately protect your legal rights to ensure your best legal outcome. It is always best to get a Divorce Lawyer in League City, Texas.

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Community Property vs. Separate Property

States all over the United States have different laws for dividing property. Texas, happens to be what is called, a “Community Property State”. What does being a community property state mean? What are the differences between community and separate property? Courts use a simple method to differentiate the two types of property—they look at the exact time the property was acquired. Read more

The Inception of Title Rule

How does the court decide the classification of property upon its division? States differ on answering this question, however, Texas is a community property state that has adopted the inception of title rule. Read more

Division of Retirement Accounts During Divorce

Division of property is a complicated issue under the circumstances of a divorce, not to mention when the property being divided is retirement benefits. So who gets retirement benefits in a divorce? Read more

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