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Texas Child Custody Law

The Texas Family Code actually refers to “custody” as “conservatorship.” Need a Texas Child Custody Lawyer? Call (832) 410-8935 now.

Conservatorship a/k/a “custody”

Conservatorship is a parent’s right to make certain decisions relating to his or her child. These decision can include: where the child lives, what school they go to, medical decisions, and other specific rights spelled out in the Texas Family Code.

Rights of Conservatorship can be shared between the parents, or they can be exclusive to one parent. Often times, one parent has more rights than the other parent.


In Texas, “visitation” is actually referred to as “possession and access,” which means the right a parent has to have actual possession of his or her child on certain dates, and at certain times.

Who Decides?

“The best interests of the child” are the primary concern and factor when the court determines issues of Conservatorship, possession and access. The parents are generally free to come to an agreement concerning Conservatorship and Visitation. Ultimately, a Judge will sign a Divorce Decree which puts this agreement in writing.

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