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Does My Divorce Qualify for Mediation in Harris County?

Many attorneys believe that mediation is actually the preferred way to handle your divorce case. It certainly has many advantages as discussed in the video below.

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Does your particular divorce situation qualify for mediation?

During mediation, the opposing parties will meet with a certified mediator to attempt to come to an agreement on the divorce outcome.

The mediator is a neutral party, who is skilled in helping the opposing parties resolve their differences.

Texas Family Law Courts are likely to require an attempt at mediation before they will hear certain contested matters.

Court cases can be very time consuming and require a ton of resources. Requiring mediation is a way to free up time and resources in the legal system.

What Does the Mediator Do?

Mediators are usually local attorneys who have practiced in this particular area of the law for several years.

In many cases the mediator knows the judge and is familiar with how the judge might rule on certain issues.

Generally, each side in a mediation will get their own room. The mediator will travel from room to room helping the parties resolve their differences.

Keep in mind that the mediator is not “the judge,” or an extension of the judge. Mediators are neutral parties who can help you understand how the judge is likely to rule, and can also help you come to a mutually beneficial agreement outside of a lengthy court trial.

Questions About Divorce Mediation?

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