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What Is A Wife Entitled To In A Divorce In Texas

What Is A Wife Entitled To In A Divorce In Texas

How Long Do You Have To Be Married To Get Half Of Everything In Texas How Much Alimony Does A Wife Get In Texas? Are you a Texas resident considering divorce? There are several legal considerations to make before pulling the trigger, especially when it comes to getting an advantageous outcome. You need to know … Read more

How To Get a Divorce In Texas

How To Get A Divorce In Texas

How To File For Divorce In TX Whether you’re ready to begin the process of getting a divorce or just beginning to consider your options, understanding how Texas law works when it comes to separation can be daunting. However, with the right knowledge and advice from an experienced attorney by your side, navigating the complex … Read more

Online Divorce Texas

Online Divorce Texas

Filing For Divorce In Texas Online Can You File For Divorce Online In Texas Are you ready to file for divorce from your spouse in Texas? You may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of going through the process — but it doesn’t have to be as daunting or intimidating as you think. With an … Read more

Definition Of Uncontested Divorce

Definition Of Uncontested Divorce

Noncontested Divorce In Texas Amicable Divorce In Texas The number of divorces filed in Texas has been increasing every year.  Contrary to what you may think, a significant number of these divorce cases were finalized without a protracted nasty fight.  This is because a majority of couples that have ended their marriage in Texas have … Read more

Texas Spousal Support – Cohabitation Laws in Texas

Spousal Support & The Cohabitation Rule in Texas

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Spousal maintenance or alimony can only be provided after conditions specified in the Texas Family Code have been met. Texas courts require that one spouse offer financial support to the other spouse after a divorce. But the recipient must qualify for the post-marital financial support.

Termination of spousal support may happen if the spouse that was receiving the support dies or gets remarried.  Financial support may also be terminated if the recipient shares a home with an intimate partner.

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Service Of Process For Divorce In Texas

There are six main steps in the divorce process in Texas: filing a petition for divorce; formally notifying the non-filing spouse of the divorce; agreeing to temporary orders; learning about assets and debts through discovery; negotiating a final settlement; and finalizing the divorce. This article will focus on the second step – formally notifying the non-filing spouse of the divorce. The process in which divorce documents are to be served are outlined in the Texas Family Code and the Texas Rules for Civil Procedure.

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Grounds for Divorce in Texas…Family Lawyer Explains

Before filing for divorce, it is important to know what exactly will qualify as a proper ground for divorce under the Texas Family Code. Need a divorce attorney in Houston, call (832) 410-8935. Let’s jump right in… Texas law has listed the following as proper grounds for divorce: insupportability, cruelty, adultery, conviction of a felony, … Read more

Does My Divorce Qualify for Mediation in Harris County?

Many attorneys believe that mediation is actually the preferred way to handle your divorce case. It certainly has many advantages as discussed in the video below. Call the Houston Divorce Attorneys for a Free Consultation (832) 410-8935. Attorney Robert Von Dohlen is not affiliated with this firm. Houston Divorce Mediation Attorney Does your particular divorce … Read more

How Will the Bills Get Paid During Divorce?

A divorce case in Texas can last anywhere from 60 days to more than 12 months. During that time, all of your bills still need to get paid…

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Hopefully the couple can remain cordial and keep going with business as usual as far as paying the bills goes. But that is not always the case, which is why you should talk with your attorney about the best way to handle this situation.

You should speak to your attorney about how the bills have been getting paid in the past, and then come to an agreement about how to proceed moving forward. This can give you and your soon to be ex-spouse an idea of what to expect.

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How Long Does A Divorce Take in Texas?

The first question many clients ask is…”How much will divorce cost?” Then they ask, “How long will it take?”

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Texas Waiting Period for Divorce

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The fastest you can get a divorce under Texas Law is 60 days.

From the day of filing until the divorce decree is executed cannot be shorter than 60 days under Texas Law.

However, very few Texas divorces actually get completed in 60 days. Complicating issues such as: unique divisions of property issues, minor children custody disputes, child support disputes, basically anything you want to argue and fight over…can make the divorce both cost more, and last longer.

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Who Stays in the House During the Divorce?

There are a few things you and your soon to be ex-spouse will need to workout before you initiate the divorce process.

One of those details is the question of: Who gets to stay in the house?

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Who gets to remain in the house during the the divorce process?

If there are minor children involved in the case, then the care-taker of the children typically remains in the home during the divorce.

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Attorney Fees For Divorce in Houston TX

How Much Does a Houston Divorce Lawyer Cost?

When it’s time for divorce in Texas, the question on everyone’s mind is: How much will this divorce cost?

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Affordable Texas Divorce?

We get a lot of questions about how to have a “flat fee divorce,” or a “low cost Houston divorce,” and the truth is every divorce fee structure will depend to a large extent on…you.

There are really too many issues to address here, but I wanted to make a quick video to give you an idea of the costs and fees association with divorce in Harris County, Texas.

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