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High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce can be a financial disaster for many men in the Houston Area.
You should never trust your legal rights to an inexperienced attorney.

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We will fight to ensure that your high net worth divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

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Individuals with high net worth assets or community property, community income and business or rental property should consult a Texas divorce attorney whose practice focuses on clients with businesses. A divorce with complex community property issues will typically require a thorough valuation of the Texas community estate so as to divide community property in a just and right division. Spouses whose marriage are at least 10 years or more, also have legal rights to Texas spousal support. Contact a Texas divorce lawyer today 832-410-8935.
Call our office today. Protect your rights. It’s always best to work with a divorce lawyer in Houston, Texas.

Divorce is a $50 Billion a Year Industry…

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