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Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Robert Von Dohlen is a Houston Divorce Attorney. Call (832) 410-8935 for a free consultation. Just wanted to make a quick video addressing some common Texas divorce questions that we get at the office.

Houston, Texas Divorce Lawyer Questions

Video Summary:

I’m Houston Attorney Robert Von Dohlen with 4 Issues that you should discuss with your attorney during your initial consultation for divorce in Texas.

Divorce Issue #1 – Who gets to remain in the house during the divorce?

Divorce Issue #2 – How will the bills get paid while we are going through divorce?

Divorce Issue #3 – How long does a Texas Divorce Take?

Divorce Issue #4 – Cost of a Texas Divorce

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The answer to each one of these questions is going to depend on a variety of factors, including: how the divorcing spouses interact with each other during the divorce and several other factors that your attorney will likely address.

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houston divorce lawyer questions